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Is there any way, to track dynamically which classes or modules are included in required files.

a short example:

module MyCustomModule
  def foo

require 'my_module.rb'
#is here any way to track which modules are in the required 'my_module.rb' 
#without parsing the file or having some naming conventions?

The aim is, to require dynamically a bunch of files and including the contained modules in a class, regardless of how they are named.

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You can use ObjectSpace to determine newly defined Modules.

existing_modules = ObjectSpace.each_object(Module).to_a
require 'my_module.rb'
new_modules = ObjectSpace.each_object(Module).to_a - existing_modules
 # => [MyCustomModule]

class X
  new_modules.each{|m| include m}

Note: You probably want to only include the top level ones, though, so check the names for ::

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thx, that looks great. –  Sebastian Jun 22 '10 at 9:15

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