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I have a DataGridView with two columns defined like:

Dim col As New DataGridViewColumn
col.DefaultCellStyle.BackColor = Color.FromArgb(&HFFAAAAAA)
col.Name = "Description"
col.MinimumWidth = 80
col.DataPropertyName = "Description"
col.ValueType = GetType(String)
col.ReadOnly = True
col.CellTemplate = New DataGridViewTextBoxCell

col = New DataGridViewColumn
col.DefaultCellStyle.BackColor = Color.FromArgb(&HFFBBBBBB)
col.Name = "Value"
col.MinimumWidth = 80
col.DataPropertyName = "Value"
col.ValueType = GetType(String)
col.CellTemplate = New DataGridViewTextBoxCell

I need that the cell in position Col=1, Row=0 is a ComboBox and not a TextBox. So I tried to add the following code but it does not work, the edit control remains a TextBox.

Dim cbCell As New
S0Grid(1, 0) = cbCell

Do you know how can I solve this issue?

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That code should work, is it possible that it's not getting called or that it throws or similar?

Try this code:

Dim cbCell As New DataGridViewComboBoxCell
S0Grid(1, 0) = cbCell

Do you see the messagebox? And do you see the combo now?

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thank you for the interest. I verified and the code is executed, maybe some other setting interfer with my implementation. I will do additional checks – Drake Jun 22 '10 at 7:52

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