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Can someone point to me some documentation on how to run the Oracle times ten database in an embedded mode within a java application?

I would like to run times-ten as a replacement for HSQLDB.

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Oracle does not as far as I know have an embedded mode for Java programs. What you most likely want is the Oracle JDBC driver to talk to a Oracle server "somewhere".

Another approach which might be valid for you, is running your code inside the JVM running in most modern Oracle installations.

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He is talking about TimesTen, which is embedded database that can act as a local cache to Oracle database supporting local queries and write-through updates. – ddimitrov Jun 21 '10 at 13:11

While the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 11g Overview mentions the word "embedded":

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is a memory-optimized relational database that empowers applications with the instant responsiveness and very high throughput required by today's real-time enterprises and industries such as telecom, capital markets, and defense. Deployed in the application tier as an embedded or standalone database, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database operates on databases that fit entirely in physical memory using standard SQL interfaces. It can also be used as an in-memory database cache for the Oracle database to enhance the response time and throughput of user applications.

I couldn't find obvious instructions in the product documentation. I'll let you dig it deeper :)

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