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How to get list of terms of a node ( by node id) belongs to a particular vocabulary. Is there any drupal function ?

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taxonomy_node_get_terms function.


Or also:



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I know there is api for getting list of vocabularies But i am nto sure, one api exist for gettign list of terms of vocabularies.

However, you can try this function. It will work.

function myutils_get_terms_by_vocabulary($vname, $tname = "") {
    $sql = "select td.*
                    from term_data td
                    inner join vocabulary v on td.vid = v.vid
                    where v.name = '%s'";

    if($tname) {
        $result = db_query($sql . " and td.name = '%s'", $vname, $tname);
        return db_fetch_object($result);
    }   else {
    $result = db_query($sql, $vname);

  $terms = array();
  while ($term = db_fetch_object($result)) {
    $terms[$term->tid] = strtolower($term->name);
  return $terms;

Basically i created a 'myutils' module for such common functions and added this function there. so that i can use them in all similar scenarios.

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