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I'm trying to work with RegEx to split a large string into smaller sections, and as part of this I'm trying to replace all instances of a substring in this larger string. I've been trying to use the replace function but this only replaces the first instance of the substring. How can I replace al instances of the substring within the larger string?



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adding 'g' to searchExp. e.g. /i_want_to_be_replaced/g

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dont forget, regexp is not within "". (i made that mistake) – csomakk Nov 20 '13 at 10:08

One fast way is use split and join:

function quickReplace(source:String, oldString:String, newString:String):String
    return source.split(oldString).join(newString);
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In addition to @Alex's answer, you might also find this answer handy, using String's replace() method.

here's a snippet:

function addLinks(pattern:RegExp,text:String):String{
    var result = '';
    while(pattern.test(text)) result = text.replace(pattern, "<font color=\"#0000dd\"><a href=\"$&\">$&</a></font>");
    if(result == '') result+= text;//if there was nothing to replace
    return result;
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