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Is there a way in jQuery to get the true opacity of an element? You can, of course, get the element's defined opacity with


but if, say, its parent has defined opacity 0.5, then the element's true opacity is half of what its defined opacity is. Does jQuery have a function for this? If not, is there an existing plugin?

If there isn't a plugin, could I calculate this myself by iterating over the element's parents until I finally reach the top-most parent, multiplying the CSS opacity each step of the way? Or is there something I'm not taking into account?

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Doesn't look like there's a quick property that checks that, but you can easily calculate it, as you've mentioned:

var opacity = 1;
        .each(function(){ opacity *= $(this).css('opacity') || 1 });

The only edge case I can think of is if the element is hidden, or is partially hidden by a floating element (that isn't its parent). Depending on what you need it may be a problem.

Working example:

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Thanks, that's some nice succinct code! – Trevor Burnham Jun 21 '10 at 20:37

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