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On a button push, my webapp copies several classes in to the project and then checks if the new files contain a class named my.namespace.myclass with Type.GetType("my.namespace.myclass", false, true); This returns null even though i can see the class with correct namespace, and if I write my.namespace.myclass inside my code(after refreshing files inside VS), the class is usable. If i click the same button again, the type is now found; i am guessing the class were not compiled before, but it is now.

Is there some way to force compile the files before trying to get the type? I tried restarting the application programmatically, but the type is still null.

Any help appreciated

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.cs files are not classes - they are just files. Until you do a compile on them, they aren't executable code. Maybe you could get those classes in another project, and compile that project to produce an assembly? – SWeko Jun 21 '10 at 17:24
that is true, but I kind of thought they got compiled instantly when placing them inside app_code – Contra Jun 22 '10 at 7:08

I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly. What I understand is that you want to load a text file (.cs file are basicly text files) and use reflaction on the code inside it.

If I understand you correctly then you need to do some runtime compiling. It's not all that complicated, but still needs to be done. You can use the instructions here for this.

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When you drop files into App_Code they are compiled into a separate assembly, and will cause your web app to recompile. The problem is, if you are copying them into App_Code, you won't see when you do Type.GetType(...) because your current version of App_Code (the compiled version currently running) doesn't contain them. I'd recommend trying to deliver them a separate way. App_Code is a special mechanism in ASP.NET, I wouldn't rely on this for practical applications. I'd rather have the classes compiled and dropped into another folder, where I can load them into the AppDomain and reflect where I need to.

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