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Has anyone connected to MSN Messenger from an ASP.NET page? We found this component: http://www.xihsolutions.net/dotmsn/, but it works only for desktop applications and we couldn't make it work in our web site.

Are there any working solutions either with the above component or with another component?

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Have you opened port 1863 (= the port messenger uses) in the firewall/router/proxy/... ?

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It's not a FW problem, the desktop example works fine. –  rslite Nov 21 '08 at 13:44

Yep -> Windows Live Services. More specifically, the Messenger service and this link is the doco to embed the IM Control into your site.

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Thanks for the pointers. The client wants an integrated experience (i.e. to login from our site), but we might change it if we don't find another way. –  rslite Nov 21 '08 at 13:50

I think that that code is now in Google Code and is now called MSNP-Sharp. I have used it in a Windows Forms Application with success. If you want to call it from the web you could create a web service that is logged into an account and can send messages.

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