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I am trying to add a row to a slick grid on my page using javascript. The way I am able to do it now is by using the following code. I was just wondering if there was a better way to do the same.


//data is the array which was used to populate the SlickGrid
data.push({name:'Finish scanning the slickgrid js', complete:false}); 

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This is the preferred way.


Calling .setData() forced the grid to re-render everything. By calling updateRowCount() you are notifying the grid the number of the rows have changed and that it needs to render what has been added or removed only.

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This is why I love JavaScript's pass by reference :) – vemv Oct 31 '11 at 17:23

Here is what I've been used for adding new row with Button

function add_new_row(){
  item = {"id": (Math.round(Math.random()*-10000))
  //you can add another fields to fill default data on Adding new row
  data_view.insertItem(0, item);
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