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I can spawn a browser from my Java thick client using java.awt.Desktop.

Apprarently, I can also spawn a browser from my .NET client using System.Diagnostics.Process.Start

My question is, is there a way in both Java / .NET to set a cookie when spawning the browser process? It doesn't look like there is - possibly due to security concerns?

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There is not. You could probably add some sort of plugin in the target browser, but that would be with a different mechanism.

What java.awt.Desktop does , it just launch the browser. There is no more interaction with it.

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What I ended up doing was to spawn an intermediate page like:

    new URI("http://localhost/intermediate.html?mytoken=bar")

Then have a bit of JavaScript to take the request param, set it as a cookie, and then forward onto the destination page.

var query =;
var tokenRe = /mytoken=([^?]*)/;
var token = query.match(tokenRe)[1];
document.cookie = 'MYTOKEN=' + token


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