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I am making a project that uses Autoconf. I have the following in configure.ac:

AC_CHECK_HEADERS([boost/foreach.hpp], [],
    [AC_MSG_ERROR(You need the Boost libraries.)])

When I run configure, it says it cannot find this header file:

checking boost/foreach.hpp usability... no
checking boost/foreach.hpp presence... no
checking for boost/foreach.hpp... no
configure: error: You need the Boost libraries.

This is strange, because I have Boost. If I remove the check, the code compiles, and I have Boost installed:

$ find /usr/include -name foreach.hpp

Note that I did exactly the same with SDL, and it works.

    [AC_MSG_ERROR(You need the SDL development library.)])


checking SDL/SDL.h usability... yes
checking SDL/SDL.h presence... yes
checking for SDL/SDL.h... yes
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You may be interested in github.com/tsuna/boost.m4 , which is a drop-in set of Autoconf macros for checking for Boost headers and libraries, as well as the minimum Boost version. –  ZoogieZork Jun 21 '10 at 20:37
Check config.log to see exactly why it failed. academicRobot is probably correct that it is trying to compile with a C compiler. –  William Pursell Jun 22 '10 at 4:43

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AC_CHECK_HEADERS actually does a a compile check, not an existence check. So you have to set C++ support for compilation tests in order for boost headers to compile (default is C, docs here):

AC_CHECK_HEADERS([boost/foreach.hpp], [],
    [AC_MSG_ERROR(You need the Boost libraries.)])
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Not really an answer-- try boost.m4 if you want to use Boost with autoconf.

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There's also a collection of Boost autoconf macros at the GNU Autoconf Archive. You'll probably need at least AX_BOOST_BASE. Other macros for the other Boost libs are there also.

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