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I want to have a elmenent with a 2 color border outline. I can do a single color outline using the element, but this only allows me to draw a single line. I tried using 2 elements within my but that didnt work either. Is there a way to either draw a shape within a shape or draw 2 lines around my shape (which has rounded corners btw).

Thanks Ben

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I found that the <layer-list> is the best approach. like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<layer-list xmlns:android="">
 <item android:right="6dip" android:left="6dip">
    <shape xmlns:android=""
        <stroke android:color="@color/list_view_outline" android:width="3dip"/>

<item android:right="8dip" android:left="8dip" android:bottom="1dip"
    <shape xmlns:android=""
        <corners android:bottomRightRadius="2dip"
            android:bottomLeftRadius="2dip" android:topLeftRadius="2dip"
            android:topRightRadius="2dip" />
        <solid android:color="@android:color/white" />

        <stroke android:width="1dip" android:color="#BDBDBD" />

you then need to put the proper margins on your listview row layout, but it works quite nicely.

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so i have a work around but its ugly. the work around is to wrap my element inside another container element. i.e.

<RelativeLayout ... android:background="@drawable/outer"> <ListView ... android:background="@drawable/inner" /> </RelativeLayout>

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