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So if I had a dashboard of political parties in North Korea, is it really a dashboard?

To me a dashboard should be regularly updated, having the possibility that a number or indicator could change at a regular interval... and for now I'll say regular is less than once per day.

Also in today's usage, a dashboard seems to mean more and more that it's customizable. Each user can add and remove controls.

So the real question is, if someone plans to update a few numbers every four hours, and users can't pick what they see, just coloring the values Red, Yellow, or Green doesn't make that a dashboard and doesn't call for an expensive license for dashboarding software.

(PS. Don't bother offer options for cheap/free dashboarding software. We already know who the vendor has to be. Not my choice, don't bother arguing.)

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And yet, the volumes of bullshit questions continue unabated. LMAO. –  Stephanie Page Jun 23 '10 at 17:27
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Instead of closing it, why not try to correct it. At least leave a comment as to what would make it more clear, what were you unclear about? FFS. –  Stephanie Page Jun 23 '10 at 17:30
And the question was tagged under barely used tags, WTF cares if the question is a little rhetorical... no one who answers in the major tags will ever see this. –  Stephanie Page Jun 23 '10 at 17:36
JS Bang his best answer is what to get a programmer for his birthday. Bears will eat you has his highest-rated answer about How to learn use your IDE effectively? rmdeor’s top answers are also bullshit. What is your favorite esoteric programming language? and What’s your favorite “programmer ignorance” pet peeve? Greg Hewgill’s some top answers are Programmer, not a blogger and What are some of your oldest programming books that you still use? Ngu Soon Hui has top answers in Programmer wants to be a Entrepreneur and Why does derivative trading position always require C++ knowledge –  Stephanie Page Jun 23 '10 at 17:52
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