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I'm a newbie drupal guy,

I use http://drupal.org/project/date module for my events date, but this module displays TIME as well as default, and I can't turn that off from configuration pages unless I'm a blind :/ is there any way to display only DATE value?

Appreciate helps!! thanks a lot!

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You need to add a new date and time format that only specifies the date portion under Administer › Site configuration › Date and time › Formats › Add format (the relative path is /admin/settings/date-time/formats/add).

Here are a couple of popular date formats strings according to the PHP date format characters:
m/d/Y becomes 06/22/2010
l, F j, Y becomes Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You can either set one of the three default format types (i.e. long, medium, or short) to use your custom format or you can add a new format type. In either case, you would just need to specify the date field to use the format type that is set to your custom date format.

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See Display multiple Date formats, along with Theme the Date and Example - Theme all-day events without a time for more information on this (while the last two links are targeting Drupal 5, they still apply for Drupal 6, AFAIK).

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