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I'm using SQLite ( v. on a Fluent NHibernate project.

I have one program that writes to the DB, and another that reads from it. Occasionally, I get SQLITE_BUSY exceptions, and I need to fix this.

I found several Google references to sqlite_busy_timeout, which (if I understand correctly) will cause SQLite to re-try before throwing the exception. This would probably be sufficent for my needs.

However, this does not appear to be in the assembly.

When I search for SetTimeout using the Object Browser, I get two hits:



but I can't seem to use them in my code - they don't show up in Intellisense, and VS2008 shows a red underline for SQLite3, with the message "Can't access internal class here".

Can anyone give me a sample (in C#) that shows the exact syntax for this method?

Or is this even the right approach? I could probably check for SQLITE_BUSY in my code, but have not found any good examples demonstrating that approach either.

Finally, do Fluent NHibernate or NHibernate have any mechanisms to provide simple shared access to a SQLite database?

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Just like you said, SetTimeout() is internal, so you (or NHibernate) can't call it. The method only wraps
sqlite_busy_timeout and throws, and you definitely don't want to use those unsafe methods in your application code.

According to this, the SQLite provider should retry for 30 seconds.

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Thanks! Is there any way I can set the timeout to a shorter interval (say, 5 seconds), to speed up testing? – Tom Bushell Jun 23 '10 at 16:23
@Tom Bushell: honestly I would recommend using some other DB engine if you need this kind of concurrency. Embedded DB engines are usually not suited for this. – Mauricio Scheffer Jun 23 '10 at 20:55
Our concurrency requirements are so minimal, it seems that SQLite should be adequate for the job. It's not clear why it's not working yet. – Tom Bushell Jun 24 '10 at 18:11

SetTimeout is a member of both NHibernate query interfaces, ICriteria and IQuery.


using (var session = sessionFactory.OpenSession())
using (var tx = session.BeginTransaction())
    var items = session.CreateQuery("select something complex from a big table")
                       .SetTimeout(600) // 10 minutes
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thanks for your response - I'm going to try this. Also, I phrased my question badly - I actually wanted to set the SQLite timeouts directly. Did a major rewrite - hope it is more clear now. – Tom Bushell Jun 22 '10 at 15:35

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