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I very like MySQLs mysql cli tool and I don't like phpMyAdmin. [IMHO]It's a nice thing for a Windows user, but its not so good when you've used to console.[/IMHO].

What I want is to build a web page containing element with console-like input (for example something like this) which should get input from user, send it to PHP script on back-end and show back-end response.

Back-end script is done (it was the easiest part), but I can't find any library for JavaScript implementing console-like input.

I've tried to examine and modify for my needs example I've provided, but it's too bloated (because doesn't use any libraries) and implements specific thing. Also I would like this element to provide some auto-completion for input.

Any ideas on such JS library?

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there is shellinabox - javascript terminal.

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+1 - nice utility to know about –  Tahbaza Aug 8 '10 at 14:55

I've been working on some code recently where the original author implemented a really nice, simple read-eval-print loop. The application is a scheme interpreter. It's at http://csel.cs.colorado.edu/~silkense/js-scheme/. It's not cleanly separated from the interpreter code (for example, it checks to see if the parentheses are balanced to decide whether to give you the initial or continuation prompt), but overall it's a great example to steal from.

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I think you are looking for this: jQueryTerminal

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hmm firebug console ?


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no, see the example. –  Daniel Jun 22 '10 at 12:21
can't be in the page –  Zeke Alexandre Nierenberg Dec 4 '12 at 14:08

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