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I am using this nice code which by the way if you are aware of any better way to accomplish this, I really appreciate letting us know . so here is the Toolbar that can float :


good, but what if I only have 4 buttons on this toolbar, when I make it float it is still the same size as it was docked to the form before but I wish it could resize itself and just be as long as it needs to be to show its buttons on it .

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  m_floatForm.AutoSize = True
  m_floatForm.AutoSizeMode = AutoSizeMode.GrowAndShrink
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You can add up the widths of the individual toolstrip items and use that as the width of your form.

Replace this:

floatForm.ClientSize = this.Size;

with this:

//Adjust min value for your needs. It should account for the width of the
//toolstrip, borders, etc.
int minWidth = 20;  

int newWidth = minWidth;
foreach (ToolStripItem item in this.Items)
    newWidth += item.Size.Width;
floatForm.ClientSize = new Size(newWidth, this.Size.Height);
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