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I know this question has been asked before, but I haven't found any answers that seem ideal.

I have a php app that needs a login system. I'm no crypto expert by any means, and I am wary of reinventing the wheel, which has doubtless been invented many times already, and very well.

I'm wondering if anyone is aware of a good authentication component which can easily be integrated into an existing script, which adheres to all best practices and which, when combined with an ssl login, will satisfy all reasonable requirements for being secure.

I would prefer a stand-alone component, as opposed to having to setup an entire framework of some sort. (The rest of the app does not use a framework, and I dislike the idea of having to use one, just for auth.)

Thanks for your help,

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I recommend my very own (free & open source) script: php-login.net ! You can wrap this around your app with 3 simple lines. –  Panique Jul 18 '12 at 15:18

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Why not use LDAP ?, it's standard, secured and fairly easy.


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Zend Framework is designed so you can use individual components without using the MVC part of the framework. You can use the authentication module (zend_auth) which has only one hard dependency (zend_exception). You might want to use zend_acl, zend_session (requires zend_loader) and/or zend_db (requires zend_config, zend_registry, zend_loader) too depending on your scenario.

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Check out this article. The system works great and it's amazingly well thought out.


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