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Basically I want to write an application which would display the current language as a tray icon. Mainly I can code C++ and C#. Guess Google would help me out but I would like to ask it here first, since the community, the knowledge here is something I trust.

(Never wrangled with such parts of the system so far. So that's why I would like to ask the community.)

Okay thanks to your help, I managed to discover two ways. Using the DllImport in C# (importing the user32.dll) and the InputLanguage.

Found a snippet:

public void SetNewCurrentLanguage() {
    // Gets the default, and current languages.
    InputLanguage myDefaultLanguage = InputLanguage.DefaultInputLanguage;
    InputLanguage myCurrentLanguage = InputLanguage.CurrentInputLanguage;
    textBox1.Text = "Current input language is: " + myCurrentLanguage.Culture.EnglishName + '\n';
    textBox1.Text += "Default input language is: " + myDefaultLanguage.Culture.EnglishName + '\n';

    // Changes the current input language to the default, and prints the new current language.
    InputLanguage.CurrentInputLanguage = myDefaultLanguage;
    textBox1.Text += "Current input language is now: " + myDefaultLanguage.Culture.EnglishName;

I applied this like the following:

        InputLanguage myCurrentLanguage = InputLanguage.CurrentInputLanguage;
        notifyIcon.Text = myCurrentLanguage.LayoutName + '\n' + myCurrentLanguage.Culture.DisplayName;  

This displays it if you hover it above the icon. However, it won't update on switch, nor show the layout as text in the tray area. For that, I found a "Drawing in VB.NET" article, maybe this will help me working out this issue. About the switch detect, that's a good question.

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Okay, if one gives a "-1", please consider telling me how could I improve the question. This issue is bothering other people also. Thanks. – Shiki Jun 22 '10 at 6:41
How about you google first and attempt writing such a program, when you encounter a specific problem you can't solve then ask a question on here. – Gary Jun 22 '10 at 6:42
Because usually the answers on Google are written by unknown people. I would like to get a "start help" from someone who is trusted, who can code, and who knows what is he doing. (Anyway, my Google-fu is getting worse I guess because I can't find a solution there.) – Shiki Jun 22 '10 at 6:44
What OS? Also, overall UI language or specific thread's language or keyboard input language? – Windows programmer Jun 22 '10 at 6:46
Well that just makes you appear to be lazy. You must have found some information on APIs etc to use right? Some related sample code? What have you found and tried? – Gary Jun 22 '10 at 6:48
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To get the user's overall UI language, GetUserDefaultUILanguage.

To get the current thread's language, GetThreadUILanguage or GetThreadLocale.

To get the current keyboard input language, GetKeyboardLayout.

To display a notification area icon in Windows prior to Windows 7, Shell_NotifyIcon. In Windows 7 Shell_NotifyIcon might still work if the user sets appropriate options, but otherwise you have to find another way.

If you have more than one possible keyboard input language, Windows already displays the current keyboard input language in the language bar unless the user has disabled it. The user might put the language bar in the task bar, though it's not quite the same as being in the notification area.

If you want to receive notices when the user changes a language, WM_SETTINGCHANGE might let you know when you should call SystemParametersInfo to check. I'm not sure if there's a better way.

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Thank you, great answer. Will try these out ASAP. Thanks!!! – Shiki Jun 22 '10 at 8:35

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