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window.execscript("mycode","javascript") is not working when tried to execute,also not giving any exception at that point.Any suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in Advance

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Welcome to Stack Overflow! Unfortunately, your question does not contain much detail and it will be hard to answer unless you can provide some more context. –  Dean Harding Jun 22 '10 at 7:09

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If you are interested in running JavaScript on the server, then see this related question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2719748/execute-javascript-on-iis-server

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You know we can't execute javascript from code behind at server side. What we can do is to register a java script and make it run after the page is rendered at client side. Here is an example:

//Page_Load method in Default.aspx.cs, notepad code
string js = "<script type='text/javascript'> alert('hello world!'); </script>";

Here I use a string directly, usually you can generate a complex javascript with StringBuilder. RegisterStartupScript will add the js to the page and execute it when the script is loaded.

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