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Here is an except from a manual for a piece of hardware I wish to develop software for. However have no idea what the P3 rs232 protocol is. Hopefully someone here can help me out.

Protocol RS232: This is used to select the protocol on the RS232 interface. There are 3 options:

Enhanced - This protocol is here only for compatibility reasons. Not all features are available via this protocol.

P3 - If you are a software developer this is the preferred protocol to use. This protocol is also used for software like ‘Racewave’.

Remote - Allows the host computer to select the protocol by using a command. Use this setting when 12 used with Orbits.

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What exactly is this "piece of hardware" you speak of? –  In silico Jun 22 '10 at 7:19
A mylaps (AMB) transponder decoder mylaps.com/kb/en/b2b/Manuals/MyLaps%20Decoder%20Manual.pdf –  solarnz Jun 22 '10 at 8:21

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RS232 means, in general, "serial port". An euphemism for bi-directional data link over two wires.

P3 is probably an applicative term of the tool you are working with.

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P3 is a protocol used for data transmission specially in telecommunication networks such as message handling systems, X.400. P3.2EX. can be used to send a control commands from a server device to a slave device and to get the readings back from the slave. Maybe it has some other usages I am not aware of.

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