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I use jquery ajax method, set datatype json, I get a jsonp response from a cross-domain server. But what i want is raw string of json response. so i set datatype text, but i got nothing but a empty string.

        } //endof success
    }); //endof .ajax

can any one tell me why? if use getJSON method to do this, how can i get a raw string of json?

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Setting the dataType to text prevents jQuery handling the request as a JSONP. jQuery does some magic in the background for these type of requests (substituting callback=? in the URL for a function name, and defining the success function as a global function).

Why do you want the response to be raw text? It isn't possible to get a response that is just JSON from a JSONP request, because the nature of JSONP requires the response is wrapped in a function call.

Setting the dataType to jsonp works, but of course an object is returned.

    } //endof success
}); //endof .ajax​​​​

If you want a string, you could double-json-encode a part of the response on the server, so that it is received as a string, or use a JavaScript JSON encoder on the client and encode it again, but both don't really seem ideal solutions. An object is much more usable and useful.

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the reason is i want get a cross-domain jsonp response and sent it to my web server again. To avoid jquery handle response as json, i change .getJSON to .ajax, so do you mean jquery ignore datatype field to handle the respons? – elprup Jun 22 '10 at 9:32
@elprup: In which case, the client should AJAX your server, who should retrieve the information from the remote domain, before returning a response. No, I mean that jQuery needs the dataType set to jsonp to correctly prepare the request to act as a JSONP request. – Matt Jun 22 '10 at 9:49
OK. The url I request has limit on request per IP, so i just want client to fetch the infomation for the server. – elprup Jun 22 '10 at 10:22
Here's an example where it's not more usable or useful: a programmer asks me -- what kind of stuff does that API return? Okay, I say, I'll make them a page that makes a bunch of API calls and just sticks the raw responses onto the page so they can see what data is returned. Oh wait -- I can't access the raw response. I have to write a function that iterates through the members of the JSON object that is returned. – eeeeaaii Oct 12 '11 at 3:43
jsfiddle.net/ayxw7 I am just getting [object,object] – Maximilian Dec 5 '13 at 11:40

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