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I want to get the JSESSIONID of Tomcat on the client side. Is that possible? If yes, how?


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This is the 2nd time that you asked a question which in real world should never be practiced. Honestly said, this all smells. What is it, the problem for which you think that getting the HttpSession associated with JSESSONID in server side and getting the JSESSIONID value in client side is "the" solution? Elaborate about this in a new question, you'll get answers how to do it the right way. –  BalusC Jun 22 '10 at 12:21

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It depend on how is the JSESSIONID transmitted:

However I don't see much of a reason to do so.

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You need to give a ajax call to your server code like Spring controller or Servlets and get the response string as JSESSIONID and then store it in the javascript, only after your DOM is fully loaded .

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