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How do I execute a Sybase query which is stored in a column of another Sybase table?

Suppose that "SELECT COLa FROM TABLE_A" is stored in a column called 'command' in a separate table (table_log). I want to find a way that allows me to execute this query and get the answer.

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I can't think of any excuse for designing it like this, unless you really want your system to appear on The Daily WTF some day. – Paul Tomblin Jun 22 '10 at 12:28

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Try looking for

execute immediate

I'm not familiar with sybase but in Oracle it would be something like the following:

    query varchar2(1000);
    select val from saved_query into query;
    execute immediate query;
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thank you very much i think this will help me a lot, thank you again :-) – choi Jun 22 '10 at 13:52


create table test_table(f1 varchar(64))
insert into test_table values( "select getdate()" )
declare @myvar varchar(30)
select @myvar=f1 from test_table
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