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I'm building an outlook add-in to get around whatever the reasoning is you can't create a rule to sort mail based on a Distribution Group (error message about it being a personal distribution group).

I've gotten really far and I think all the core functionality works, but I can't seem to figure out how to allow the user to drag/drop the folder onto my grid so they don't have to type the destination folder name in.

The types available in the drag/drop are RenPrivateSourceFolder,UniformResourceLocator, FileGroupDescriptor, FileGroupDescriptorW,FileContents,Object Descriptor.

All of the existing articles and links I'm finding are based on older VS versions and older .net versions.

Is there now a solution that will let me pull in these objects (which come in as memory streams from Data.GetData(); in without resorting to C++ or pInvoke? The question specified the destination folder information, but name would be sufficient.

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