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I want to use Selenium RC with a Perl client driver. How can I configure Selenium RC with Perl?

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Use the WWW::Selenium module to link up to Selenium RC.

You will need to have Selenium RC running in the background in order for it to operate. A technique that I have found useful to launch it from within Perl is to execute it on a separate thread and then immediately detach it:

use threads;

my $seleniumThread = # Assumes that your Selenium RC file is in the current dir
   threads->create( sub { system "java -jar selenium-server.jar"; } );

# Avoids the main program from having to wait for the system call to end

The following question may be useful as well:

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Just a heads-up... for Selenium 2.0, you'll want to use the Selenium::Remote::Driver module instead; WWW:Selenium is for 1.0.

From the Selenium docs (

Perl bindings are provided by a third party, please refer to any of their documentation on how to install / get started. There is one known Perl binding as of this writing. [with a link to]

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