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Can any one suggest how to do show image loading gif when image is loading in run-time using jQuery.

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Could you be more specific? What have you tried already? –  Matt Ball Jun 22 '10 at 13:53

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See this article in jQuery for Designers.

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hey thanks for ur reply... i referred this tutorial.. but the problem is on my click m just displaying my current image in other div m not appending it to the div. and in this example which u suggested they are appending the element. soo m geting confused. der. –  mehul9595 Jun 22 '10 at 14:13

As an additional option to the article posted, you could bind to the ajax function (if you are using ajax). Here is an example of how I do this in my apps (it works great).

function AddAjaxLoader(DivObject, Message) {
if (Message === undefined || Message === "") { Message = "Loading..."; }
var loader = $("<span />", {
    'class': 'ajaxLoading',
    html: '<span class="ajaxLoadingIcon">&nbsp;</span><span>' + Message + '</span>'


loader.ajaxComplete(function () {
    $(this).fadeOut('fast', function () {

and the CSS:

    background: url(../Images/Icons/16_ajax-loader.gif) no-repeat left center;

Or without ajax...

function AddLoader(DivId) {
    $("#" + DivId).html('<div class="ajaxBlock"><span class="ajaxLoadingIcon">&nbsp;</span> Loading...</div>');
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sorry brother i dont no ajax u know any method using javascript or jquery –  mehul9595 Jun 22 '10 at 14:15
No problem, you will just have to set and remove the loader manually. See edited answer. –  Zacho Jun 22 '10 at 14:19

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