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I am developing a website for Apple i* devices which uses HTML5 webkit features like transitions but I want to disable some of the fancy stuff for older/slower iPhone models like iPhone < 3GS and iPod touch < 3rd Gen because on those devices the transitions are too slow.

Is there a way to detect the exact model (not just the OS/User Agent) within Javascript?

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Great first question. Welcome to Stack Overflow! –  Paul D. Waite Jun 22 '10 at 15:48
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This appears to work, at least to determine between 2 and 3g and 3gs... Don't know how to figure out if it is a 4g yet...

var percentmobile_t = new Date().getTime();
var percentmobile_s = 0;
while(new Date().getTime() - percentmobile_t < 20)
_is2_or_3g = (percentmobile_s < 1000);
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While this can't pull out iPhone 4, it is an example of a way to do a sort of hidden benchmark to find out if the 3GS performance threshold is met - meets the needs it seems. –  chucknelson Jun 29 '10 at 12:45

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