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What is the canonical way to get an empty array in Scala? new Array[String](0) is too verbose.

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You can leave out the [String] part if it can be inferred (e.g. methodThatAlwaysTakesAStringArray( Array() )).

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This version seems to create an empty sequence and call Array.apply() on that sequence. So it's not exactly the same as new Array[String](0). –  Dan Berindei Apr 13 '11 at 13:51
val emptyArray =  Array.empty[Type]
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This worked for me too when the type could be inferred: Array.empty –  Tim Stewart Mar 19 at 22:40

Array() will be enough, most of the times. It will be of type Array[Nothing].

If you use implicit conversions, you might need to actually write Array[Nothing], due to Bug #3474:

def list[T](list: List[T]) = "foobar"
implicit def array2list[T](array: Array[T]) = array.toList

This will not work:

list(Array()) => error: polymorphic expression cannot be instantiated to expected type;
    found   : [T]Array[T]
    required: List[?]

This will:

list(Array[Nothing]()) //Nothing ... any other type should work as well.

But this is only a weird corner case of implicits. It's is quite possible that this problem will disappear in the future.

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