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Until recently I've been using syslog in my System_Exception exception handler to log important errors - a pretty useful concept I thought. However my host just cut me off, and it appears that loveable syslog has actually been sending my error reports to everyone on the server (it's a shared server). They weren't too pleased.

I've now switched to using a log.txt (and will now have to secure this with chmod or something) - but does anyone have any other suggestions for me to try? This seems a bit rusty.

Oh, and don't use syslog on anything except a dedicated server or somewhere that can handle it ;-)

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Try log4php. I'm using log4net for my .NET project and it's just terrific. :)

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I use log4net. Great tool. It can output logs to files, database, emails, UDP, etc.

Personally, I output to files with the rolling File Appender. It makes reviewing logs very simple.

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I like to log minor stuff to a database (if it's possible without slowing things down a lot). It makes it easier to go back and condense results from the log.

For fatal errors, I try to pipe them into FogBugz using ScoutSubmit

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