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Does anyone know a simple way of converting a mp4 file to an ogg file?

Have to do it, but don't have much knowlegde about it, and all I can find are programs, not examples or libraries.

Thanks in advance

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I would recommend dispatching this to FFMPEG - http://www.ffmpeg.org/ - using a Process and command line arguments. You can redirect I/O if you need to (e.g. logging). Just do something like process.WaitForExit() after you've started it. You could do this on a background thread (BackgroundWorker, ThreadPool, etc...) if you need to not block the UI.

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static void Mp4ToOgg(string fileName)
    DsReader dr = new DsReader(fileName);
    if (dr.HasAudio)
        string waveFile = fileName + ".wav";
        WaveWriter ww = new WaveWriter(File.Create(waveFile),
            Sox.Convert(@"sox.exe", waveFile, waveFile + ".ogg", SoxAudioFileType.Ogg);
        catch (SoxException ex)


from How to converts a mp4 file to an ogg file

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