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I am successfully setting I18n.locale in my app but the problem arise when I want to use it:

 @categories = Category.where(:tld => I18n.locale).all 

then I am getting strange sql condition:

 SELECT "categories".* FROM "categories" WHERE ("categories"."tld" = '--- :com')

however when I do logger.info(I18n.locale) I am getting correct output:


I am new to rails and ruby and it looks like I am not accessing string value of I18n.locale.

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Have you tried I18n.locale.to_s? –  huntaub Jun 22 '10 at 14:53
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I found simple and obvious solution:


Is there any simpler method?

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I've got problems with radiant globalize2 extension. I've to add it in to places where conditions for find are created


works for me

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