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i have some issues with my site CSS i developed the site without IE and now when i try to fix IE bugs the problems seem so overwhelming, what and how will u use to debug? it seems like a bug in tumblr cause invalid code to be generated? hmm ... its ok in firefox tho lol

<a _blank="" target=" target=" href="">Less.js Will Obsolete CSS</a>
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<!--[if IE]<script>window.location=""</script>![endif]-->; – iandisme Jun 22 '10 at 15:06
a better solution i found will be to use Google Chrome Frame – Jiew Meng Jun 23 '10 at 14:38
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I wouldn't blame this on css or IE. Its problems with your a tag..

<a _blank="" target=" target=" href="">Less.js Will Obsolete CSS</a>

Should be

<a target="_blank" href="">Less.js Will Obsolete CSS</a>
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Making sites IE-compatible is a lifelong endeavour. IE's own developer toolbar helps a lot. QuirksMode has a formidable library of browser compatibility information. I see you're already using jQuery and a CSS template, but it bears repeating that piggybacking on frameworks that have already been developed with compatibility in mind helps a lot. If you're not comfortable running virtual machines, Browser Shots is a pretty good tool to make sure your site works a variety of OS/browser combinations. Finally, I would consider IE6 to have a low enough market share to justify not concerning yourself with that level of compatibility.

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About that market share: is mostly visited by people interested in web design and it is more likely that they use a more modern browser than IE 6. In real life, I come across IE 6 many times, like in several companies, university computers, public libraries, etc. Also read Why the NHS can't get its browser act together – Marcel Korpel Jun 22 '10 at 15:19

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