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I am trying to launch explorer programmatically from my .Net CF Window application. But its throwing win32 exception. I have used same kind of code in desktop .Net version, and it always worked. (I am using Windows CE 5 and .Net CF 3.5 )

Following code throws Win32 Exception,

Process.Start("\\", null);

Unfortunately, i am using the code like this :-(

{ Process.Start("\\", null); }
catch { }
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Maybe you should give it a program name to start? "\" is not an application. Something like this is probably more likely to yield success:

Process.Start("\\windows\\explorer.exe", null); 
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In Desktop .Net 'Process.Start("C:/dir")' used to work, so i tried to do it in same way. Following code worked in Win CE5 , 'Process.Start("explorer.exe", "\\")' – Palani Jun 23 '10 at 9:37

In order to kick off a web browser navigation to a URL, I have always directly set the argument of the Start method to the url itself. Please try the following to see if it helps in .NET CF"

Process.Start("", null);


Process.Start([url_variable], null);

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This question is about the File Explorer, not Internet Explorer. – Dai Jun 4 '14 at 21:21

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