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In MSBuild I have a property which value is Name_Something. How can I get name part of this property.

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With MSBuild 4

If you use MSBuild 4, you could use the new and shiny property functions.


<Target Name="SubString">
    <PropertyName>$(MyProperty.Substring(0, $(MyProperty.IndexOf('_'))))</PropertyName>

  <Message Text="PropertyName: $(PropertyName)"/>

With MSBuild < 4

You could use the RegexReplace task of MSBuild Community Task


<Target Name="RegexReplace">
  <RegexReplace Input="$(MyProperty)" Expression="_.*" Replacement="" Count="1">
    <Output ItemName ="PropertyNameRegex" TaskParameter="Output" />

  <Message Text="PropertyNameRegex: @(PropertyNameRegex)"/>
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Both of your suggestions are correct. Too bad I couldn't apply second one because setting VSDBSQL SetVariable property dynamically doesn't work. I imagine substring would work with MSBuild 4 but I use MSBuild 3. – Sergej Andrejev Jun 23 '10 at 10:28

It looks like you could use Item MetaData instead of a Property:

    <Something Include="SomeValue">
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If I understand your question correctly you are trying to get the substring of a MSBuild property. There is no direct way to do string manipulation in MSBuild, like in NAnt. So you have two options:

1). Create separate variables for each part and combine them:


This works fine if the parts are known before hand, but not if you need to do this dynamically.

2). Write a customer MSBuild task that does the string manipulation. This would be your only option if it needed to done at runtime.

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