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I'm listing some controls at my web page dynamically, either I'm adding newline with Label's.

Label newLine = new Label();newLine.Text = "<br/>"; myPanel.Controls.Add(newLine);

How can I do it in a different way?

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myPanel.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("<br />"));
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because i'm newbie here i have to wait for a special time to mark an answer as correct. – softwaremonster Jun 22 '10 at 17:05

My problem: Add a text to a panel indicating a date range. The text should be placed below an hyperlink.

The CSS solution:

A. Create the CSS class (place it on your page or into a CSS file)


B. Create controls and set the proper CSS class (.CssClass property)

//1. Create the link
LinkButton _btnTitle = new LinkButton();
_btnTitle.Text = Request.QueryString["name"];
_btnTitle.OnClientClick = "history.go(-1); return false;";
_btnTitle.ToolTip = Request.QueryString["name"];
_btnTitle.CssClass = "title";

//2. Add the link to the container

//3. Create the label (text)    
Label lblDate = new Label();
lblDate.Text = " [ From " + txtDateFrom.Text + " To " + txtDateTo.Text + " ] ";
lblDate.CssClass = "dateRange"; //Here is the trick

//4. Add the label to the container

The final output looks like the this:

enter image description here


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I would suggest that you don't use
at all. Use CSS to display your controls. display:block on your elements will work just fine. Less messy!

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I'm using Css either but I did not know that I could do that with Css. Could you write how? Which css code should I use? – softwaremonster Jun 23 '10 at 14:25

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