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[Note: I can only reproduce this issue with a Win2k web server running IIS 5.0. I can't reproduce this issue with a Windows XP web server (localhost) running IIS 5.1.]

I've uncovered a lot of information pertinent to UTF-8 encoding.

If I've learned one thing, it's this.

EDIT: MSDN offered that for IIS 5.0 and earlier, Response.CodePage is not available. At this time, I cannot verify that this is the root of my problem.

With all of that being said, here's my question:

Does IIS 5.0 Require Unique Configuration Settings To Support UTF-8?

Reason I ask: In spite of my best efforts to heed all of the advice from Google and SO, I still can't get UTF-8 characters to post to the server correctly.

Here's my scenario:

  • Render UTF-8 encoded unicode strings to the screen. [Works fine, verified by visual inspection.]
  • With javascript, store these UTF-8 encoded unicode strings in form variables. [Works fine, verified with Firebug.]
  • Post to the same web page. [Special characters get corrupted on the server after the page has been posted.]
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To my knowledge, it doesn't require any unique settings outside of these.

HOWEVER - Beware of VBScript!!! In my case, VBScript on IIS 5.0 mangled Unicode characters.

Reponse.Write is your friend. ;)

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