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Which is the better option? Develop software for OVI stores (or) Andorid (or) Apple stores? Which is the future of mobile application development? Qt for Meego/Symbian and hosting in OVI store? or Developing application for android or Developing application for iPhone?

I wish to know the best platform to learn to pursue my career as a individual developer. I mean make a living out of hosting mobile application in any of the above app stores.

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Noone is going to be able to confidently answer this question. Apple has the marketing, Google will soon have the userbase, and I haven't heard a single thing about OVI. –  Will Eddins Jun 22 '10 at 18:40
you found a nice question to increase your reputation dude. –  Praveen Jun 22 '10 at 18:44
Symbian 4 would boom ovi i guess.But as of now apple app store is in running. –  Naruto Jun 23 '10 at 9:51
Hey why didn't you ask about windows mobile? did you forget it? :) –  Naruto Jun 23 '10 at 9:51

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Just let me start out saying, there's no sure answer to this question.

Apple has the current popularity and marketing that people know about it's app store.

Android, and the App Market, will eventually have a larger userbase than the iPhone though, due to the number of handsets and it's quick market penetration. However, marketing about the App Market itself is small, more from the fragmentation of the OS which is starting to even out (50%+ devices are now on version 2 of the OS).

Apple's long waiting period (2+ months for some people) and possible app rejections for both policy and business reasons (blocking competitors usually) can be a cause of future frustration, since you won't run into any of these issues until development is done.

Android is less restrictive, and even allows it's users to install alternative markets and install applications from the internet or SD card, which can be very useful during beta testing.

As far as OVI goes, I've heard very little about it, and doubt the penetration in the near future will be that great, especially to a market willing to buy apps.

The general consensus is that the money is currently in the Apple App Store, but no one knows how the future will end up. I think the quickly-growing Android userbase and smaller market may lead to greater opportunity for developer's efforts to shine through in the near future.

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The Apple Store is very large, but the Android store is less restrictive. There's supposedly an Apple blacklist that can be used to wipe an app off all iPhones in an emergency.

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