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What web based interface for browsing Subversion repositories do you like the most? We have tried Viewvc, but the installation seemed too complex for us.

This is no poll. I'd really love to allow people at the office to be able to access the data at the repositories with their web browsers and see who modified each file and when.

Subversion provides web browsing, but is very poor, and Viewvc looks nice but is too hard to install.

I am not talking about Subversion clients, but just a web showing the commit history, like at bitbucket. Also, a direct link for a ZIP file for each revision would be awesome.

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I love Fisheye from Atlassian (née Cenqua). It might have too many functions for you taste (searching, auditing and code review support are all part of the package these days), but it has the best interface for browsing SVN (or any VC-system, actually) I have yet encountered. On the downside, it's commercial (if you're commercial, that is. They provide free instances for OSS-projects) and hardly inexpensive.

You can have a look at their demo-instance at http://fisheye3.cenqua.com,

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If you are looking for simplicity, you can browse repository by just pointing your browser to repository url.

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