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Is there a way to scan all the assemblies in the GAC and return a list of names of assemblies with a specified Public Key Token during runtime? I know the Public Key of all the GAC assemblies that I am interested in loading, but don't necessarily know the names or version numbers.

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I believe you could try a ReflectionOnlyLoad() of every assembly in the GAC and filter the ones where the FullName property contains the public key token. –  John Rasch Jun 22 '10 at 19:53

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Long time ago but I think the public key is part of the directory names where the assemblies are stored. So maybe you could just loop through all the subdirs in the Assembly folder and see if any of the sub dirs contains the public key. Seem to remember that the sub dir format is something like version_somethingIcan'tRemember_publicKey.

If you don't already know, Windows Explorer hides the real layout of the Assembly folder but you can open a command prompt and CD into it. Just remember that any assemblies can be under any of multiple of the direct sub directories to the Assembly folder so probably safest to loop through all of them.

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Thanks I'll try to create a custom AssemblyInfo object to build the full name I'll need to load the assembly. –  lumberjack4 Jun 24 '10 at 19:36

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