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I use firebug and smarty so i get good debugging data from that but i'd like to see my database query times and page processing times as well.

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Xdebug is very good. It works very well in combination with Netbeans IDE for PHP.

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This is a great package to relay data to firebug:


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xdebug is awesome, because it lets you step through code inspecting variables as you go.

It also lets you do profiling (dumps callgrind files into a directory of your choosing, describing in very detailed fashion what happened how many times, when, and how long everything took)

To take full advantage of xdebug, you need a good IDE, i suggest netbeans, but you can use any one of the major packages nowadays.

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As linked many times by others, FirePHP and Xdebug are awesome...

But you also asked about page render times and query times.

Unless you're already using a framework that collects this data for you, you're going to need to collect it and set up reporting for it yourself.

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Debugging PHP Code on Windows with Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 => http://www.jcxsoftware.com

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