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Hi i have set up passwordless ssh set up and have perl call ssh -o "BatchMode yes" user@host "runMe.pl arg1 arg2"

runMe.pl calls matlab and the function run_online with the given args.

nohup matlab -nojvm -nodisplay -r "run_online('$imgfolder/$folder/', '$ARGV[0]$folder', '/homes/rbise/results/mitosis/$ARGV[0]/$folder/')" > out.txt < /dev/null &

for some reason matlab never starts running. why is this?


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This is substantially a duplicate of the [perl] question that was asked immediately previously to this one -- at least, the answer is the same. You have no controlling terminal when you connect with ssh. Try ssh -o "BatchMode yes" user@host "bash -c runMe.pl arg1 arg2".

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