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Given following Ruby statements:

(Read input and store each word in array removing spaces between words etc)

input = gets.chomp
inArr = []
input.strip.each (" ") { |w| inArr.push w }
inArr.delete_if {|ele| ele == " "}
inArr.each {|w| w.strip!}

I was wondering if anyone can suggest a way to optimize this code, maybe via chaining or removing some unneeded statements, because i have a feeling this can be done in much less code, but since I'm new to Ruby its hard for me to see how :)



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gets.split should get you what you want

>> gets.split
this is a test
=> ["this", "is", "a", "test"]
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thnks for the speedy replay... i guess there is a better way :) missed this method in the docs .. :( – Roman M Nov 21 '08 at 18:54

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