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What is the best IDE for PHP ?
best IDE / Editor for PHP

I have been a .NET developer for years but may need to work on a PHP project soon. What editor/IDE should I use?

Thanks, Paul

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Eclipse PDT seems to be a good choice, basically it's a "everything" rolled package. Netbeans have been more and more supportive of PHP, so it might be a good choice too.

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I'm no PHP expert by any means, but went through the same question about 6 months back. .Net developer background deciding to do some PHP work on the side. I ended up using Eclipse for PHP developers, which as far as I know is the core Eclipse application, with additional plug-ins meant specifically for PHP development. For the most part, I'm happy with it.

The thing I miss most though, is a nice auto-formatter for code the way CTRL-K, CTRL-D does in Visual Studio. Eclipse does format it, but not in a fashion I'm partial towards.

Best of luck in your search though, I'm sure you'll get plenty of recommendations.

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apart from eclipse and netbeans there is geany. its fast and light, but has only basic features of an ide.

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