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I'm trying to achieve what amounts to effectively 2 strokes on a rectangle in a <shape> element in an android drawable xml. A dark green outer line and a light green inner line, with a gradient fill in the center of it all. My code currently looks like this:

<layer-list xmlns:android="">

    <shape xmlns:android=""

        <stroke android:width="3px" android:color="#477135" />

<item >
    <shape xmlns:android=""
        <gradient android:startColor="#81c557" android:endColor="#539942"
            android:angle="270" />

        <stroke android:width="1px" android:color="#a8d78a" />

I have tried applying android:top="3px" android:bottom="3px" to the 2nd item element, but when i add the right & left attributes, the entire thing doesn't render. Note, this is all done within a ListView

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well, i believe i solved this with a work around. it aint pretty but it works. What i did was set an ImageView to have a background color set to the outer line color, gave it a padding of 1dip, then set the src of the ImageView to the drawable and i achieve the effect i was looking for. That said, i'd much prefer to be able to do this all within the layer-list...

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