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I am using SQL Server 2005 replication to replicate data from one table on a server to the a table on a remote server. This is happening in real time. i.e whenever the data is changed at the publisher, it is then replicated to the subscribers.

From the publisher's server I need to know what data has been replicated to the subscriber. Is there a way to figure this out using SQL?


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MakkyNZ: did you get the answer you were looking for? If so, could you please accept it? If not, could you clarify what you are still looking for? –  MaasSql Jul 1 '10 at 0:29

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select publ.pk_col FROM pubdb.dbo.tbl publ JOIN linked_server_subscriber.pubdb.dbo.tbl subs ON publ.pk_col = subs.pk_col

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