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Wondering how to open many new windows with Javascript. I have found plenty of places on the internet that show you how to open a new browser window with Javascript, but I want to open a new UNIQUE window. For Example.

I have two links on a page. the user clicks on both links and they are both opened in the same window. I want each link to open a new window WITH JAVASCRIPT.

Another Example. I just opened a window with javascript and I have a link inside my newly opened window. I click on the link and it opens in the same window. I want to pop it out of that window WITH JAVASCRIPT, NOT use the same window.


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Thanks. It was the WindowTitle that I needed to change to create new windows.... – Nov 21 '08 at 19:44

Like the previous poster said, you want

var WindowObjectReference =, strWindowName [, strWindowFeatures]);

Make sure that you have different "strWindowName" for each call, since that determines which window the URL is opened in.

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