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We have a fairly lengthy build process, and so its nice to be able to see the build output / log of the build while the build is in still in progress.

Is there any way of doing this with CruiseControl.Net / MSBuild?

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I'm not sure there's a way of doing it in CruiseControl.Net. But have you tried TeamCity? As a long time CC fan, I've just switched to TeamCity (they have a free Professional version which supports 20 configurations and 3 build/test servers).

Continuous build log reporting is one of the really nice features about TeamCity - it even reports the status of Tests as they pass or fail. The other nice thing is the very-much-simpler configuration - no more xml files!

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Change the verbosity on the MSBuild execution. Note the /v:normal below.

You'll get lots of detail with that:)

    <buildArgs>/p:Configuration=Release /t:clean /v:normal /p:PlatformTarget=anycpu</buildArgs>
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