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I was messing around with the keyboard shortcuts the other day, and by mistake saved a setting that overrides the default behavior for Ctrl+s - I soon found out this wasn't what I wanted (obviously), but now I can't find how to reset it.

I have looked in Tools->Options...->Keyboard for "File.Save" and "File.Save[whatever]", but neither seems to be the command I'm looking for. Where do I set the shortcut for just a regular save operation?

Note: Just resetting everything to default isn't an option, since I have made up too many custom commands to want to re-do them all over again. I need to reset this one option only.

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I think you are in the right place. It should be: File.SaveSelectedItems (Ctrl +S (Global))

Instead of looking for it, perhaps add a new shortcut doing the same thing (because you know you have lost your settings anyway.)

1) Use new shortcut in - Select 'Text Editor' from the drop down.
2) Press Ctrl + S for assigning the shortcut to it
3) Hit 'Assign'

This should recreate your shortcut for you.

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Brilliant! Turns out I had assigned it to File.SaveSelection rather than File.SaveSelectedItems, but when I re-assigned it worked. Thanks! – Tomas Lycken Jun 23 '10 at 7:44
Glad I could help! – IntelliChick Jun 23 '10 at 7:50

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