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In a web application, if it doesn't have a domain name (like a web service for example), can you still add a SSL certificate to a IP address?

If yes, how?

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You can easily put an ip address into the CN (common name) of an ssl certificate by the same procedure you would use for an ordinary hostname (ssl certificates contain hostnames, not domain names).

How this is done precisely in your case cannot be answered, since you have not stated what your case is.

Browsers should match the CN of a certificate against what the user has put into the URL bar. If it's an ip address, it's an ip address.

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This site offers certificates for IP addresses. You wouldn't be able to (properly) use a certificate for a domain name for an IP address, however.

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There's some good information here:

I'm almost certain you need a domain to go with the SSL.

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you may be certain, but you are wrong – hop Nov 21 '08 at 20:47

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